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We help entrepreneurs do business with Chinese manufacturers in virtually any line of business.

Why our assistance is necessary

If you work with us, legal, cultural and linguistic differences will not result in insurmountable obstacles to your business in China.

The Chinese people are friendly and hardworking but in many ways different from Europeans and North Americans. It is very much possible to form a mutually beneficial business relationship with them – provided that you take into account a variety of important factors such as:

  • current situation at the Chinese goods and services market
  • cultural traditions and mentality features
  • fine details of the customs paperwork processing
  • legal foreign business policy

One can become expert on these subjects only through many years of experience interacting with Chinese manufacturers, government officials, customs officers and other residents of this vast country.

What can we do for you

Members of our team are highly educated linguistic specialists experienced in the field of international business.

  • Our advisory services will help you plan and correctly organize cooperation with Chinese partners while avoiding common mistakes.
  • Our knowledge and experience will protect you from cultural and linguistic problems.
  • Our employees can gladly function as your representatives in China enabling you to manage your business remotely.
  • We can personally control every shipment and waybill documentation so you may be certain that everything is in order.
  • We will help you lower the costs of running your business by developing more effective logistical solutions for you.


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